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Our Vein Clinic is a state-of-the-art facility providing the latest technological advances in vein treatment, specializing in Endovenous Laser Therapy.

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Cancer & Screening

Normal cells in the body grow, divide and eventually die. Unlike normal cells which die when they age, cancer cells continue growing and dividing uncontrollably instead of dying. The cancer cells then outlive normal cells and spread to various tissues.

The unregulated growth and division of cancer cells is attributed to damage in the DNA of the cells, which the body is unable to repair. Sometimes the cancer is inherited where damaged DNA is passed down through generations. More commonly, damage in DNA is caused through exposure to radiation, certain chemicals, and physical agents that can cause cancer, called carcinogens. Tobacco smoke is an example of a carcinogen.

Millions of people are currently affected by cancer. The risk of developing most types of cancer can be reduced by changes in a person's lifestyle such as quitting smoking and a better diet. If left untreated, cancers may eventually cause illness and death. Accordingly, the sooner a cancer is found and treatment initiated, the better are the chances of recovery and prolonged living.

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‑ Breast Cancer
‑ Colorectal Cancer

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